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Adidasfootball Dark Motion Pack

100% unfair

More spin. More grip. More control.



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Mutated to master control. The Demonskin upper on these football boots includes rubber elements that grip the ball for extreme swerve. Made from adidas Primeknit that wraps your foot for an engineered, 360-degree fit. The mid-cut design supports your ankle, while a split outsole dominates on firm ground.

  • SOCKFIT COLLAR: sockfit collar
  • primeknit collar is engineered to naturally expand to your foot shape while ensuring supportive fit
  • Knit Upper: Knit upper is engineered from heel to toe for unrivalled softness that enhances touch and feel
  • Mid Cut: Mid cut ankle height for improved fit and support
  • Demonskin: SL Rubber control elements on the upper give supernatural ball control and swerve
  • Firm Ground Outsole: Outsole designed for maximum traction on firm ground (dry natural grass)

It shows no mercy. It feels no pity. Every inch of its fearsome frame has mutated to fulfil its single, unrelenting goal. Domination. The Predator 20 is here and it's hungry for control. Legal? Absolutely. Fair? Who cares? Get a grip, playtime's over.

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  • Maandag 23/12 10.00 – 18.00
  • Dinsdag 24/12 10.00 – 16.00
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